About Mistress of Tease Shari

Tease is not just something I do, it is an intricate part of who I am.  

About Mistress of Tease ShariBeing a tease in and Art form, one which I have honed over more than 10 years of experience both as a Phone Mistress and in real life.  My sweet sensual voice will lure you in and before you know it you are wondering how you got into this position. Don’t let my soft sensual voice fool you. I am fully capable of being strict when it is needed.  And Naughty boys always need strict Discipline.  Sensual or strict I will put my devious mind to good use by using your kinks and teasing you with them for my pleasure.


Tease goes with many kinks and fetishes, and flows through them like a wave on water. Sometimes it just tickles at your toes; while other times, it will sweep you off your feet and leave you gasping for air while it pulls you deeper.  Tease is never just physical with me.  I will creep into your mind and settle myself into a comfortable spot until something triggers a thought, and there I am.  My voice in your ear teasing you again and again.  I want to be the reason you can’t stop smiling!


My favorite kinks include:

  1. Tease of al kinds
  2. Cuckolding
  3. FeminizationAbout Tease Mistress Shari (800) 601-6975
  4. Chastity
  5. Denial
  6. Masturbation control and instructions.
  7. Humiliation…especial small penis
  8. Discipline.. Naughty boys need to be spanked, and sissies need to be kept in line.

Don’t see your particular kink or fetish?  You can ask me about it by contacting me.

I do try to balance my time between phone Mistress and real life Mistress, making time for my 2 subby boys each morning. On the more vanilla side of my life I enjoy working on creating a perma-forest, creating an off grid home, building things, reading, learning, cooking.  I know it is hard for you to envision me wielding a chainsaw, but it something I actually enjoy.  I love being in nature and working with her to create something wonderful.

 About Mistress of Tease 800-356-6169

Email: enchantrixshari@yahoo.com

Twitter @TownsendShariL

skype: ShariEnchantrix

I look forward to finding out all about you and until then:  You will be in my inappropriate thoughts.