Celebrating Masturbation May

Have you followed the link from Ms. Ryan’s blog where Ms. Andi took over and posted? You should check them out!  Now I’m posting some naughty thoughts for Masturbation May on the lovely Ms. Shari’s blog! 

As we do in the month of May, let’s celebrate masturbation! If you are reading this, I’m sure it’s something you enjoy or have enjoyed in the past. Do you ever think of the different reasons you masturbate? I know personally, there are a few different reasons I pleasure myself! Let’s see what we have in common.

Stress Relief

Sometimes things get chaotic, tense, and just plain crazy. I’m no good at meditation, but I can certainly lay back and relax with my favorite vibrator! Do you ever masturbate as a way to release tension? It’s even better, for me, in a nice warm bathtub or shower. Where’s your favorite place to masturbate?

Headache Removal

There’s something about an orgasm that relieves headaches. I can’t cite resources on this, but I do know I read it when I used to get migraines. When you have a headache the last thing you may think about is masturbation, but it may be one of the things to chase your headache away! Give it a shot next time that headache is creeping up on you and you just haven’t got time for that headache!

Because It Just Plain Feels Good  Masturbation May with Empress Stephanie

Masturbation and the accompanying orgasm just feel good! It releases all sorts of feel-good hormones into your body and relaxes you. There’s the initial slow sexy feeling, the foreplay with yourself when you get things warmed up and ready. Then you can tease yourself, gooning away if you’d like! I myself enjoy multiple orgasms, one flowing into the other until I am left weak and flushed laying on the middle of my big fluffy bed. I know technically you can have multiple orgasms too, but so often men don’t bother. Have you ever had more than one orgasm during a masturbation session?

Those Who Do Without

I touched on you in the opening paragraph, and I’ll mention you again- those who have enjoyed masturbation in the past. This is usually someone who is in chastity, whether for a Mistress or self-imposed. You, unfortunately, do not get to celebrate your own personal Masturbation May, but you can appreciate it for the rest of us who have no constraints on our self-pleasuring. Sucks to be you, though!


For those of you who are able to masturbate to celebrate Masturbation May, give one of the lovely ladies of the Enchantrix Empire a call!  Don’t forget to follow the blog train to visit Ms. Shari as she takes over my blog next!

Talk to you soon!