Cum eating- A wonderful way to show your submission.


Submissive man 800-356-6160-6169I think of cum eating as an act of submission.  I know there are probably men out there who eat their own jizz just because.  Or  are willingly go down on their lover and clean her up afterward.  Then there are the sissy sluts who just can’t get enough of it.  There are the adventurous ones who have even figured out how to cook with semen, or make a nice cocktail with it.  I have found that almost all of them started out doing it because their Mistress ordered it, or just plain expects it.  Cum eating is something submissive men need to be doing.  It shows their obedience to the woman they are with.



The Cream pie cum eating



Obviously as a cuckolding Mistress, this is the primary way I have you eat cum.  Oh, it’s not yours, and that makes it even more of a submissive act.  As humiliating as it may be you really do want to have somecum eating cream pie 800-356-6169 other man’s warm creamy deposit.  I mean that cock of yours is rather useless to me, so I will let you use that talented tongue of yours to have a nice treat.  And if you are really good you may just get an orgasm from me. You have dreamt of it, and longed for it long enough, so ask nicely and I might let you have a cream pie.



Earn that orgasm



There you are on your knees, naked and jerking off under my guiding hand.  How many edges has it been?  I lost count.  You do look rather desperate to cum, just not desperate enough.  I am going to tease you until you say it.  You see there is only one thing that you could possibly tell me that will make me want to let you cum.  That is right you have to be willing to eat your own cum.  I am certainly not going to, and I will be very upset if you make a mess.  You don’t expect me to clean it up.   Should I have you spurt all over the floor and lick it up?  Or right into your hand so you get every drop?  Well no matter what I choose there is only one way you are going get to cum.



Eating cum reminds you of your place



After cumming some men tend to get the idea that they are all that and forget their place.  Some are even foolish enough to be disrespectful, bratty, or slack off in their chores.  This just will not do at all.  Having youEat your own cum eat your own cum might be humiliating at first, but you will get used to it.  After a time you will automatically associate it with orgasm.  It just takes time and practice.  I will laugh and probably say things like: ” big tough man all shaved and wearing panties,” or ” look at you bent over and taking my strap-on and eating cum.”   I will also tell you that I am proud of you once you have done it.  You want to be my good subby don’t you?

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