Get your tease on!

Tease is the one thing that I adore more than anything and I know how much you have missed my teasing and sensual play.  Well, You can mark your calendar now!  Because I am back.!  So look for me on October 24th in the morning and let’s start our day with a good cup of coffee and some sexy tease time! 


I know many of you have some very special kinky fantasies that you are just dying to share with me. And I know that you are even more curious about my kinks.  So, I thought I would re-acquaint you with some of my favorites.


Teasing you is so much fun for me.  I feel amazing when I do it.  I can turn almost anything into a tease.  Love panties?  Well, Perhaps I will have you beg to wear them. Into leather?  My leather gloves will make you shiver with delight each time I stroke you with them.  Perhaps you need to disciplined for being  naughty , did you know I have several leather paddles that will warm that behind of yours.  No matter what kink we play with I will Tease you until you beg for release and then of course I will Deny you that privilege while you whimper and moan with unrequited desire.


Just because you are in chastity does not mean I can’t tease you to distraction.  Getting your tease on while locked away is something I enjoy.  Will I tease you with the idea of getting released? Will I make you watch while I dress and undress just to watch you stain against that cage? Will I make you sit in a chair and watch while my lover pleasures me and smile at your sad little moans?  Oh there are indeed so many wonderful ways to get your tease on while in chastity.

Prick tease 800-356-6169

Mistress says

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that I am soft and sweet all the time. I have a dark and brooding side as well and you will know when it comes out just by my laugh!  I will laugh at that tiny thing and will still put you in panties.  I will make you beg, plead, and grovel for my pleasure.  If you are lucky I will use you as chair while I get ready for my real man.  I will bend you over and have some strap-on fun.  Pegging a beta is always fun for me.

Morning tease

Wake up with your needed does of Tease in the mornings Sunday through Thursday from 9am to 3 pm!