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Learning how to become a sissy can be a frightening venture for anyone, particularly if you are a beginner. But don’t worry I am right here to help you. Today we will be discussing Sissy School 101. We will discuss things like; What is Sissy training, why do people do it, and how to get started. By the end of this guide you will have a full understanding of what sissy training is and be ready to become a sissy!


I always start my training with making sure that you know what your goals are and be able to be clear in expressing them. Each of you needs to know what you are trying to achieve with this training.  Once you know that we can start to put together a plan.  There are a few different approaches to sissy training. I can be strict and demanding, or be more gentle and coaxing.  It all depends on what we as a team are trying to achieve and what you need.


Whatever approach I take there are a few basic thoughts that always apply. Sissy training’s main focus if always about becoming more feminine, so I focus on those things that will will promote that including activities and behaviors.   There are many ways to be a sissy so each activity or behavior modification is always tailored to that specific sissy.

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If you want to be a sissy that is wonderful!  You could dress up in girls’ clothes, do your make-up, and act like a lady. You could also let your Mistress decide for you by making your decisions for you and telling you what you are to do.  There is nothing wrong with accepting that you are not an alpha male. Being a sissy can be a great deal of fun.  You get to let your imagination run while getting creative with your appearance.  Here at Sissy School you will be cared for and nurtured.

So If you are ready to embrace your inner sissy, go for it!  There isn’t anything that is really stopping you and with Sissy School you will have even more support and information.

Many of you may feel like you need be a certain way to feel sexy and feminine. You might think you need to have a smooth hairless body, wear sultry lingerie, and perfect make-up to please a man. In truth non of those things are needed.  You can be sexy and feminine without them; the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident.

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Exploring feminization fantasies  is fun; however, it is always best to take it slow especially if you have never explored this type of fantasy before.  It is important to take things slowly and ease into it.  If you have explored this before and you enjoy being controlled, humiliated, or degraded, you are likely a submissive. Either way it is very important to communicate with your Mistress through the entire process to make sure you are both comfortable and enjoying the process.

One way to start is to wear a bra and panties that you have picked up.  It is ok if you are not yet brave enough to purchase them in person you can simply order them online. this how many sissies and crossdressers start out. Shopping online for your lingerie is a great way for you to get what you want and it can be fun to share that with your Mistress. You will have to buy lingerie eventually anyway so why not have fun and save yourself time in the long run.

Next we will be talking about the Sissy mind, so make sure to check for that new blog soon!

Tease ya later!