Kinks and fetish’s by the alphabet 1

Kinks and fetishes' part oneThere are so many kinks and fetishes it is hard to know all of them, and for you to know which ones I am into and why. So, I have decide to give you my kink and fetish list by the alphabet. Now by now you already know my biggest fetish is Tease, how ever tease is one of those things that can be used in conjunction with so many other kinks that it is the one fetish that runs through everything I enjoy.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your kink in this list, as this is just be beginning of my list. So, make sure you check back to see the next part of this list.

Yes, there are more fetishes and kinks that I do not mention here. I either do not enjoy them or they just didn’t come to mind. If you still don’t see your kink listed in this series please fell free to contact me and ask about it. Who knows you might just introduce me to something new and enjoyable.

Today I am going to start with the letter “A”

Abrasion: This fetish is a subcategory of BDSM that involves sexual arousal from harsh surfaces. So does course rope turn you on when it scratches against your skin? Maybe rubbing sensitive places with a bit of sand paper could be fun for you. Using abrasive materials is a great way to get you nice and sensitive for more play!

Acomoclitic: This is a fetish for hairless genitals. For me it is all about having my subbies clean and fully on view. There is something sensual about running my fingers over those exposed areas and watching you shiver at my touch.

Actirasty: This one means you get turned by the rays of the sun. Yes that does mean outside sex. You thought I got a nice piece of land to explore for nothing? Oh no I want a place that is just for this one!

Agrexophillia: Do you get turned on by the thought that others might know about, hear, or even see sexual intercourse? This is a sub category of exhibitionism.

Kinks and fetishes by the alphabet Imagine going down this list one at a time and trying every single one of them! Fetish favorites of Mistress Shari

Alien Kink: Have you ever dreamed of having sex with a vulcon, andorian, or other alien creature? This kink can lead to some very fun and interesting fantasies.

Allorgasmia: The thought of being with someone else during sex. Ok this one is rather common. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your favorite sexy mistress while you were having sex with your partner? Or what about that hot sexy TV or movie star? Yep we have all done it.

Altocalcphillia: Do you love high heels? I mean when you see them does your dick get hard? If you answered yes then you have a fetish for high heels. I love wearing them and watching men’s eyes float to them.

Amaurophillia: Blind fold fetish, do you get turned by being blindfolded or having sex in the dark? I love blindfolding my subbies it heightens their other senses!

Ok that is all for today but don’t worry this is just the first in the long list of kinks and fetishes that I enjoy.  I will continue this series until I hit that final kink so be sure to check my blog often.  So come dip you finger in the pool of kink and see what resonates with you.