Sissy Dress Code Choosing your Stockings


sissy dress code stocking 800-356-6169s Sissy Dress Code Stockings!  I am talking Hosiery-thigh highs, pantyhose, stockings and tights.  Every sissy should have a collection of hosiery to make your legs sexy and inviting.  You want your man to not just see how sexy those legs are, but want to find out what is under that skirt or dress.   The first step is always to shave your legs, you don’t want to put a run in those sexy stockings with stubble.


Sissies and pantyhose


Pantyhose can be good. Control top or shaper can help you get those feminine curves.  They can also conceal any little bugles whether that be in your tummy area or farther down.  They are great for first time sissies as well because they are not difficult to deal with, and are rather affordable.   I usually recommend them for practice mostly because they are quick and easy to slip on and will keep that clitty in place.  They are also great for practicing wearing heels, more on that in another post.


Sissy Dress code Stockings


Once you have gotten the hang of not putting runs in your pantyhose you can graduate to those sexy thigh highs.  If the lace tops on those stockings are elastic you can get away with no garter belt. However I always advise against that.  The truth is that stockings are just plain sexier with a garter belt, more on that in a bit.  Choosing the right stockings for you can seem daunting.  There are so many different kinds andsissy dress code mistress of tease 800-356-6169 patterns to choose from.

My advice to first time buyers is go for the one color that makes you feel girly, or slutty.  The other reason I love thigh highs is because if done right you get to keep those sexy stockings and fuck me heels on while having fun.  Now to pull this off you will have put those pretty panties on after you put on your garter belt and stockings.  This means your man can remove your panties without having to remove everything else.


The right garter belt for sissy


Garter belts are a staple for any sissy, and should always match your panties and bra!  That being said, there are many different kinds and styles to play with.  There are Three main ways to choose a garter belt and sissy dress code 800-356-6169each one has it’s pros and cons.

  1.  Wide belts will work for comfort and smooth lines.  If you are choosing one for under your everyday attire this is the one for you.  They are less likely to show under your clothes and are more comfortable for every day wear. Just make sure that when you choose one it is at least as wide as your palm.
  2. Narrow belts are great for the bedroom.  If you are shopping for something cute and slinky this is the one. Just make sure it fits around your hips.
  3. How many straps should a garter belt have?  Choosing one with four ( two in the front, two in the back) is great for the bedroom and they look sexy, but they won’t hold up your stockings for long if you are doing some serious walking.  If you want both security and comfort then aim for six to eight straps.  For daily wear you will want at least 6 straps to make sure everything stays in place.  * straps will provide more security and comfort so try both styles on before settling on just one.


Sissy tights


The main difference between panty hose and tights is the durability that tights have. Tights do come in thigh high and and mid thigh ( just over the knee) that give you that cute Princess look.  The best thing aboutsissy dress code tights 800-356-6169 tights is that if you are going to be spending a lot of time on your knees ( as you should) they are less likely to get a run than stockings are.  And if you are on a budget they can be a less expensive route.    Personally, I want my sissies in stocking and garter belt.


Sissy Dress Code Questions


I know that being a new sissy can be confusing and seem very difficult at first.  Not to worry I am here to help you learn all things sissy and feminine.   I will be discussing other Sissy Dress Code topics in up coming posts so make sure to check back.  And if there is something you want to learn about comment on this post and I will get back to you. Or contact me: 


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