When is Tease Time?Prick tease 800-356-6169

Tease Time is the time that I take out of my day to tease and torment you until you are begging and slobbering and whimpering for me to say the exact words you want to hear.  It is the time during my day that I devote to honing my imagination and tease techniques and style.

The tease clock

Do you have a clock that is specially for tease!  It should always be set for the same time each day.  So make sure you take note and set your own clock now.  Each day I enjoy doing some special tease for one of my boys whether that is teasing and denying you, or edging you until you can’t take it anymore, or any other form that tease could possibly take.   It is so versatile and can be brought into almost any roleplay, or fantasy.  And it travels well, I don’t even need a carry on for it.

Schedule your time

I will be available for your teasing needs from Sunday-Thursday and from 3 pm to 11pm.  So pack up your imagination, set your alarm and let’s see where we can take this.

My favorite teases

I have to admit tease and denial rank number one on my list; however, there are so many ways it can be used.  I could tease you by staying just out of reach when I use you as my throne.  I could spend days edging you until you can’t think straight. I could tease you with that perfect pair of sissy panties.  Do you have a thing for my perfect behind? I will stand just inches from you and make you stare at the object of your desire. Maybe I will wriggle my toes and tease those blue achy balls, or more. Maybe I will tease that little dicklet of yours with just my pinky.

More to come

Make sure you keep an eye for all the amazing things I have planned!  You might get lucky and be the first to get to hear my new audios, or read all about the naughty things I like to do in the woods.

Tease ya laterTease ya later!